Review invitations

You’ve got infinite reviews all within your reach. We provide custom email templates that allow you to tailor your invitation messages to customers in your brand’s tone and voice.

Your company profile

This is your brand headquarters for all reviews. See exactly what customers have to say about you, and provide valuable responses to their questions and concerns for all to see.

In-depth review statistics

Assess the success of your review program with a range of analytics, ensuring you realize a maximum return on your investment in Trustpilot.

A selection of TrustBoxes

TrustBoxes are widgets you add to your website to showcase your reviews, TrustScore and star ratings. Choose the one you like and place it on any page of your website.

Product Reviews

Discover what customers think of your products, listen to your customers to address issues, attract new customers and most importantly, build trust and increase sales.

Search engine ratings

Use the power of search engines to publicize your customer satisfaction ratings. Google, Bing and Bing's associated search engine, Yahoo!, use Trustpilot to share ratings data that can be displayed against your search results. This data can increase click-through rates on average by 17% and reduce the cost of online marketing.

Monitor reviews and respond

Use your Trustpilot account to read and respond to customer reviews. Responding to customer reviews will prove your commitment to customer service, and encourage buyers to shop with you again.

Facebook Integration

Use social media to target customers with advertisements based on the reviews you’ve received.

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